The Top M&A Entrepreneurs Podcast

Every week, we talk to "The Top M&A Entrepreneurs" to ask them about their successes,  failures, what inspires them, their M&A model,  what they do, what M&A means to their business,  how they do it and why they do it. 

Why do M&A?   Acquiring a profitable business, is the fastest way to grow your existing business. 


Matt Bodnar

E: 32 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Matt Bodnar - 8 Successful Deals - Forbes 30 under 30, Inc. Fastest Growing Company, Chairman of Fresh Technology, Cofounder & Managing partner of Fresh Capital, Host of Science of Success Podcast with 5 Million downloads.

00:00 Intro to Matt Bodnar
03:29 His M&A Entrepreneurial Call to Adventure - working full time or owning equity
06:34 His first step - Guidance from Entrepreneurial Family - his first Zero Dollar Down Deal
13:45 His dad and being active in the restaurant space
15:10 Slogging it out and eventually exiting the Aloha POS business, then acquiring an IT Data Center
18:10 How he negotiated and bought - in deal terms that make sense, then grew the Data Center business
28:24 In a base line deal, splitting upside, measuring the dollar value of contribution what the parties are bringing to the table.
31:03 What happens to a stagnant owner - how they fit in after acquisition - what happens if they don't change trajectories
35:00 Categorizing the characteristic of a deal and identifying the right offers - Applicable Deal Models
40:30 Does he have an exit strategy for acquisitions - good deals create optionality - leaving a bit of blue sky for the next buyer
44:22 What he learned from EPIC that he did not already know - tools in the quiver - what are different ways to do a deal - opens the door
48:13 How being a coach for EPIC helps his deal flow
50:15 Is he looking for Wash, Rinse, Repeat Opportunity or just a Deal Maker - Playing World Series of Poker
52:47 How he snowballed to 5 Million podcast downloads
55:10 What he learned about "decision making" from professional Poker player Andy Duke

Adam Coffey

E:29 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Adam Coffey CoolSys CEO - in 20 years, Adam has bought & sold 100 companies, values range from $1 million to over $1 billion, aggregate value close to $5 billion dollars.
00:00 Intro to Adam Coffey, Army Vet, bought sold 100 companies in 20 years, bought 21 for CoolSys, author of the Private Equity Playbook and The EXIT Strategy Playbook
02:07 Why did he write them and reason for Private Equity Playbook and The EXIT Strategy Playbooks - adding credibility
03:42 Sponsored by 2 different Private Equity firms - the back story - the goal of...
07:42 How he started with CoolSys
09:42 The target & customer characteristics for CoolSys acquisitions
11:30 How he grows new acquisitions by cross pollination
13:37 How he sources new deals -what happens when CoolSys is shaking the trees
17:00 Growth expectations, before after, organic and buy build
21:19 Rollovers, 2nd Bite of Apple - how the seller benefits, again and again and again - why sell your company once?
26:25 Three more ways for seller to generate multiple income streams
29:51 Working with, inspired by his brother, son & the entrepreneurial creative flair
32:25 Ebidta, Going into LOI landmines - Cash Profit - Value & Fair/Unfair Representations
37:35 How he values a business and offers calculates multiple ranges based on filter characteristics - why he buys world class assets vs fixing what is broken
42:05 Stephen Schwartzman - Don't Lose Money formal/unformal veto power over acquisitions
43:30 What kills a deal - maliciousness, accounting, or odd man out.
46:57 Sellers motivation: Turn out the lights or join the team - focusing on price top dollar leaving money on the table
50:47 Why he joined the United States Army - what it offered him - if not for his service...
54:17 The 3 types of employees he hires - how CoolSys created 21 blue collar - guys - in - trucks Multi Millionaires

Michael Bereslavsky

E:30 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Michael Bereslavsky over 300 micro (under $1mm in sales) Acquisitions in 16 years.
Michael is an online business entrepreneur and investor. He started building, buying and selling websites as a student and later founded Domain Magnate in 2008 to make a career out of it.
00:00 Intro to Michael Bereslavsky micro revenue acquisitions, first acquisition he paid $120 - sold for $2500 20X MOIC
00:00 moving upstream in Revenue Acquisitions - staying below $1 mm - why - its the market
07:44 Focusing on Content sites, finding the model that works
11:21 SaaS multiples
13:10 SaaS Businesses that he will not buy - working with investors
14:30 Building a team to acquire 160 companies
17:08 Profitable or Unprofitable acquisitions - and price ranges, history & multiples
20:03 Running Content sites
22:11 Finding the buyers for his flips
24:32 Know when to hold them, know when to fold them (flip for sale)
28:50 Launching a Fund - two. Raising his third fund.
30:14 Investor profile, seeking accredited, $100k, for $10mm fund.
35:05 Born in Russia, moved to Israel, now in Thailand
 36:50 His deal flow, 1300 deals in database - not the top part of the funnel
39:31 Deal Financing - understanding what seller is looking for
42:55 Over 100% IRR to investors on first fund, His 3rd fund raise goal is $10 mm goal

Matt Fischer

E: 31 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Matt Fischer 8 Fitness Acquisitions , Opened 10th Location
00:00 Intro Matt Fischer - 8 Fitness Acquisitions, Opened 10th Fitness Location - Fitness SaaS
02:19 His Uncle's inspiration - The Mentor Entrepreneur influence
04:33 Meeting his Mentor - Not much of sharer - watched from behind the scenes
05:40 First Acquisition with Partner - what happened to that - did it make money - meeting expectations - the eventual sale
09:05 Managing a retail fitness and the beginning of the idea to acquire more - Trying to buy Any Time Fitness Franchises - perfecting the model
13:53 Acquiring operating gyms - cold calling the numbers to success
15:30 KPIs and Critical Drivers - making money - simple math.
16:55 Negotiating Leases - Power - Motivated Land Owners and Transparency
21:27 How much marketing he has to do on new acquisitions
24:00 $9 a month versus $40 the amount of work involved - What $9 a month customers do the most
25:48 Seeing the P&Ls and the advantage of having a wife as an accountant
27:45 His current corporate structure for the business & personal guarantees.
29:55 Approaching $10 million in revenue - he loves fitness and likes money - goal $30 million in revenue
31:19 hard to find gyms for sale, Seeking adjacent businesses
33:50 Number of COVID cases with Navy SEALs
35:40 Turning Costs Centers into Profit Centers
37:20 Owned a supplement business - $500k a year - why google killed that business - what he learned - upselling and turning it back on.
42:35 How the M&A Entrepreneurial journey transformed him - Life's not fun if you are not staring over the edge

Carl Allen

E: 26 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Carl Allen 300+ Deals, 23 Industries, $47B in value from MINDSET

00:00 Intro Carl Allen, his M&A origin story
02:22 What happened to Ninja Acquisitions & his deal with Agora Publishing
05:10 One student's success story - 16 Acquisitions a year - Another headed to Billion$ Valuation
07:48 The Warren Buffett of Mainstreet
08:27 How many hours, days he works now - how much money he has...
09:29 The difference between success and failure
10:26 Is deal making a get rich quick scheme?
10:44 His library, his mentor, Tony Robbins & modeling success
12:03 The 3 types of books he likes to read
15:37 When he gets a book recommendation...
17:37 His deal with Agora - buying back his business one year later - what he learned
22:06 His Private Equity fund, PROX how his fund works with students
23:50 Thoughts on SBA funding
25:57 How Amazon did it
27:24 Thoughts about Micheal Dell, EMC & VMware - one of his favorite stories & modeling successful people
29:40 His tattoo - do something crazy - that he would never get away with on Wall Street
31:15 Free Masons
32:36 What Rocky Balboa and loosing his father shaped him
35:50 What he learned from Tony Robbins
36:00 What Price vs Value of Art - Value = Benefit - Price
37:20 Michael Jordan and the Last Dance

Andrew Pierno

E: 27 Top M&A Entrepreneurs: Andrew Pierno Acquiring Micro SaaS Companies

00:00 Intro Andrew Pierno and XOXO Capital
00:38 Andrew's backstory, a Venture Fund, CTO, Raising $8Million - What happened When it fell apart
05:45 Talking about MicroAquire & the types businesses and entrepreneurs that list
07:40 The start of Acquisition Thesis - Zero to One Sucks
09:40 Sourcing deals - Off Market Only - Cash Flow and Multiples not Based on Reality
10:51 Types of Financing he uses to Acquire - and How
11:54 The Template: Buy Under Valued, Improving Operations, Increasing Value
13:45 Results so far, 3Xed on 5Xed another
14:01 Working with and VCs that still own part of company
15:30 Finding the right people to work with
16:30 Starting the XOXO fund - bringing on investors
18:38 Deal Sourcing - start with 4 partners...
20:20 How much the company Andrew acquires and "Strong Convictions - Weakly Held"
24:40 Platform Approach vs buy build flip and alignment consensus
27:00 Building a compelling pitch deck for investors - What Matters
28:10 Looking at business and uncovering the value - upstream / downstream considerations
30:39 Who he looks for inspiration - Tiny Capital Andrew Wilkinson
32:30 Charlie Munger and Avoiding Mistakes
33:30 Transparency, Deal Flow & Hustling people on Twitter
35:30 Trusting Seller Numbers - Verifying with Payment Processor
39:00 Stickler on Due Diligence - His Deal Team

Moran Pober

E: 28 Top M&A Entrepreneurs: Moran Pober 120 deals, $550m+ Revenue Acquired $150m Capital Raised 

00:00 Intro to Moran Pober back story global citizen
01:34 How he acquired the domain Acquisitions dot com and Rollups dot com and using it
06:29 What kind of deals he looks for - his style - his involvement - getting access to Moran
10:54 His hungriest Acquisition Entrepreneurs
12:10 How luck and persistence plays in this business
13:23 The One student who rolled up 16 companies in 6 months story Keyword: Masterminds
16:55 Why plain "dealmakers" are commodities and what skill is needed to standout
23:43 What is required to partner with Moran
24:44 How he judges character
28:36 Some partners he does take equity
29:31 Who he follows - 874 people on Audible
33:30 What he would pay to have lunch with Richard Branson
37:19 Deal Flow - his BuzzFeed like story red flag risks
44:45 Google and Facebook behemoth risks
46:10 Industries that he does not work in...
50:50 Starting a fund vs call for capital syndication
53:00 How to start with Moran...

Arturo Henriquez

E: 23 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Arturo Henriquez Acquired 55 Companies, 18 Industries

00:00 Intro to Arturo Henriquez
01:23 How Arturo Prospects, Black Envelopes get opened by "Sellers"
04:46 How he found his most recent acquisition a Pool Service Company
06:45 Can he scale a Pool Service Company?
09:29 What is the exit plan for his acquisitions?
16:04 Mastering the ability to work above the business: People Process Products
17:34 How he masters metrics for different industries
21:00 Industries he would NEVER buy into
24:30 How many businesses he own at any one time
25:20 How efficiencies affect cash flow and what it does to valuation
27:40 Does deploy a deal team 6 to his acquisitions?
29:08 Acquiring Assets vs Equity of a business - why you want to assume the liabilities
36:04 Does he acquire or have an "acquisition fund"?
38:48 What debt ratios does he look for
42:00 What about credit scores and getting a loan - why its different than a home mortgage
46:19 Reading the character of people you do business with - the psychology of a deal
48:10 What should happen in 1st, 2nd, 3rd meeting with seller - what rapport creates
51:05 Does he buy a business where he has to travel?

Mike Jamieson

E: 24 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Mike Jamieson from USAF Pilot to M&A Entrepreneur

00:00 Intro to Mike Jamieson
00:43 Buying his first business - Landscaping
02:25 US Air Force Pilot to Harvard Business School MBA Decision
05:47 The HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business written by ABRY Capital founders - how the Searchfunder model started
11:59 Self-Fund or Search-Fund how his deal blew up in his face
13:24 Trying to buy a software company with 90% margins - why the banks turned it down
16:28 Investors he lined up to fund his deals - how to structure a deal...
23:40 Deal Sourcing Numbers
29:04 When it comes to Add Backs always remember Rule #1
32:41 Where he found his acquisition - the events around the IOI
34:10 His "wife's" contribution
35:13 Skipping the LOI - were there consequences?
38:19 Why are they selling?
38:35 What type of rapport, emotional connection did he have with sellers?
39:44 How he negotiated the seller note
41:04 How is going post acquisition - Unforced Errors - Unpredictable Employees
43:02 Was seller avail to help with employee issue?
46:00 How he handles the stress of running the business
48:14 Plan for growth of company
50:25 Life of Entrepreneur - Watching Bank Account go up and down
51:27 How he "centers" himself - finds inspiration to push through fear worry doubt
53:50 Any plans to acquire more businesses?

Elliott Holland

E: 25 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Elliott Holland from PE firm to 3 Acquisitions to Due Diligence

00:00 Intro to Elliott Holland
02:28 What Open Air Negotiations are
04:00 How big were the Private Equity Deals he worked on
04:53 When he started making his own acquisitions - tow truck, auto parts & clinical trials
06:05 How long he kept the 3 acquisitions - did he like owning them
07:10 Due Diligence for Buyers - Digging into Financial / Commercial / Operational
12:51 How he works with Walker Deibel, Roland Frasier, Searchfunder
14:10 When buying a business, Don't trust anyone, including yourself
18:17 The role he plays between buyer and seller
23:33 The 1st Question of Due Diligence - How he checks for fraud
26:00 Are you the Smart Guy or Dumb Guy on this Million Dollar Bet?
27:54 Underestimating the unsophisticated seller
31:00 COVID Numbers - Stress Test, Valuation
35:21 Understanding a 50% drop in the working capital - what it means
36:51 Why the seller has highest reason to lie
38:31 Who has a hidden incentive to blow up your deal
43:53 When he learned what he knows about M&A - when you say "oops"
47:30 Sending an LOI getting serious.

Joel Ankney

E:22 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Joel Ankney Attorney to over 100 Deals

00:00 Intro to Joel Ankney, Attorney, Author of: "Here's the Deal Everything You Wish a Lawyer Would Tell You about Buying a Small Business"
01:12 How many acquisitions he has worked on - over 100
02:15 When, at what point in process, is it important to have Deal Team set up
06:03 Can you use a LOI as preemptive strike to lock seller up?
09:35 The buyer seller cultural fit - how personalities can blow a deal up
12:30 Buyer Seller, getting along, can a contract help relationships
15:45 What is his role in process?
21:00 Reps and Warranties, Escrow and buyer protections
25:02 Buying an online business and Real Estate - what do you do?
26:02 Asset or Stock sale and DoD contracts
28:59 Does seller/buyer have to notify Gov about sale - do they have veto power over sale?
31:10 Seller financing - attorney's perspective
33:50 Is there really a trillion dollar small businesses transfer of wealth?

Ernesto Ricci

E: 20 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Ernesto Ricci Argentina Buenos Aires Football Tournaments

00:00 Intro to Ernesto Ricci
02:45 Why he signed up for Roland's EPIC
05:15 How he is applying M&A to buying Football Tournaments - his framework for the search & his pitch to sellers
10:35 how many tournaments he as acquired so far...
11:41 What an offer for a tournament looks like - numbers on a tournaments
15:43 Tournaments are cash, how do you trust seller - how do you prove numbers
20:05 Why is got into Football Tournaments (soccer to US fans) how it is complementary to his Social Media Events business - Snowballs attendance
25:12 The legal process for acquisitions in Buenos Aires, Argentina
26:12 Why he took entrepreneurial route vs job
28:30 His quest to "partner" with his bosses
30:00 The time his boss "hustled" him
33:20 His goal to buy 3 nightclubs
34:10 The time when his boss, that he wanted to partner with, pulled out a gun

Sam Palazzolo

E: 19 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Sam Palazzolo Tip of the Spear

00:12 Book: Deliberate Discomfort by Jason Van Camp - Tip of Spear - The Impact of the Book
02:50 Works with 3 Coaches - Each with specific Clarity Path - Why you need a coach
07:10 How he makes decision to move up from a coach - the ROI you need to get
14:36 Tip of the Spear Acquisitions Business Model - 10 Years later...
19:48 Hybrid VC / M&A / Consulting Model
21:40 Harvard Business Guide to: Buying a Small Business
21:08 Sweet Spot $1M to $10M in EBITDA - Baby Boomer Orgs
24:10 How they fill the manpower gaps after the seller leaves org
27:45 Buying a company where CRM system was Sellers Flip Phone
31:35 Launching Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Program
36:39 How he "sources" companies - Swimming up stream from Brokers
41:20 How he funds / financially structures deal
46:10 The "Numbers" what they are great at
50:40 Student of the M&A Game
52:49 What he thinks of MicroAquire and Why they doesn't use it.
55:45 LOIs the importance of... (partner is attorney)
59:17 Special Offer for Acquisition Entrepreneurs below...
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To view Sam's Venture Capital firm -- Tip of the Spear Ventures -- visit
To view his 501(c)(3) Executive Education nonprofit -- The Javelin Institute -- visit

Mathew Wainwright

E: 18 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Mathew Wainwright 60 Plus deals and $250M in value

00:00 in M&A business at 23 years old.
01:04 Recently acquired UK Salads adding $50 Million
02:05 How he got started in M&A took a course at 19 His Why
06:00 How he started working with Paul Seabridge
07:10 How his partnership is structured with Paul
09:15 The part of the deal he likes doing - its all about confidence
10:40 How he "pitches" companies
12:00 the types of sellers he is looking for - his team can work on only 2
14:55 Created new fund currently raising
15:46 How he structures deals
18:05 What they like: Sexy or Not Sexy businesses
20:45 The ways he gets paid
22:20 Their End Goal - $1Billion Euro!
24:20 How long it takes to make an acquisition
26:20 Who handles the negotiate part - How they present an offer
29:23 His Deal Team - how they work together (and get paid)
30:35 the "legal" structures of his deals - the SPVs Internationally
33:38 Craziest Request seller made
36:04 What is parents think about what he is doing now.
36:45 His new business to generate deal flow -
40:27 How many people you need to be reaching out to
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Vinnie Fisher

E: #17 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Vinnie Fisher, Author and Chairman of $45M company

00:20 Author of 3 books: The CEO's Mindset, FALSE PROFITS, The Best Investment: A Better You
02:10 His start in Acquiring Businesses - As M&A Attorney seeing 100's of companies
04:10 His first. Met a Wiz Bang Kid that needed help - Business was breaking
06:10 His most successful deal to date - it has quadrupled in revenue
08:00 How he scaled the business to 8 figures
13:24 What he is actively looking at to acquire
15:09 What he calls a Massive Mistake regarding payouts
17:38 What Fully Accountable Does
20:51 How he met Roland Frasier and Why it is important to network with people smarter than you.
24:57 What is kids are learning from him as a parent
26:34 Where he is at in his career
27:50 Is he ready to cash out?
28:49 Can you put an acquisition in a Roth IRA like Peter Theil did with his FB shares and grow to $5Billion
30:56 How much energy he puts into a LOI
33:55 How overconfidence led to a breaking point and what he learned from it.
36:00 Access to his resources, books etc.

Walker Deibel

E: 16 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Walker Deibel, Buy Then Build, 7 Acquisitions, "Old Economy Meets New Economy Strategy"

00:00 Walkers Buy Then Build Book
1:17 The Genesis of His Acquisition Entrepreneurship
7:55 Private Equity Facts
09:35 Influence from his family
11:11 "Money Ball" Comparison
13:00 Different verticals versus a Niche
18:12 His first acquisition
21:56 Why he does not get hung up on price
23:00 The importance of a financial "Stress Test"
29:52 What he owns today
33:00 The Secret to Deal Flow
35:09 How to use Phantom Equity
47:00 Why got into the toilet ecomm business
53:50 What his Investor Syndicate is

Joe Valley

E: 15 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Joe Valley Co-Owner Quiet Light Brokerage - Author: The EXITpreneur's Playbook ⬥ Has talked to over 8000 selling entrepreneurs ⬥ How he got started - self employed since 1997 ⬥ Started media buying agency then to colon cleansing ⬥ Sold to that to Quiet Light ⬥ 6 acquisitions - 6 acquisitions ⬥ The more people you help the better your brand and reputation and the more your business grows - in the long run - the right way ⬥ Quiet Light has sold over $500 Million in transactions - now dealing with buyers that have raised $100 Million ⬥ You should have your financing lined up before you make and offer ⬥ What "Stability Payments" are what how they are used ⬥ With FBA businesses, you are competing against 50 to 60 aggregators that have raised $BILLIONS ⬥ In book, EXITpreneurs Chapter 13 How to work with aggregators ⬥ Also in book, How to Train for your Exit - How to choose the right pain ⬥ What the 4 Pillars of Value are ⬥ 3X to 6X Multiples SDE never happened before in history ⬥ When you sell your business on your own - you sell it for less than you should ⬥ How long Due Diligence takes ⬥ Why You Expose Warts Early On ⬥ Partner Resource Page ⬥ How the book, EXITpreneur, will help a business buyer ⬥ The LOI, If you leave anything up to interpretation - you leave it open for renegotiation

Jeff Charlton

E: 14 Top M&A Entrepreneurs Jeff Charlton 18 Acquisitions in 15 Years ⬥ Civil Engineer by training ⬥ Why he started acquiring businesses ⬥ First acquisition he bought a vendor and no money down ⬥ Every acquisition after that was to acquire sales people ⬥ Almost all of his 18 acquisitions are no money out of pocket ⬥ None of his acquisitions were making money ⬥ Why he finds the best deals in recession times ⬥ Why he uses direct mail ⬥ What questions he asks the sellers ⬥ What the number one thing sellers always do ⬥ How he find the best people in an acquisition ⬥ The best deal that he ever did, which led to the niche that is taking off, was also the easiest ⬥ How he structures his earn outs ⬥ How he gets people to trust buying and earn outs ⬥ Who he admires in marketing ⬥ Has his acquisition strategy run its course? 

Christopher Wick

First Acquisition at 29 years inspiring and cautionary tale. Christopher has worked on over 400 companies. The timing, and moment of clarity, where he asked, "what would happen if he owned these companies? "First acquisition was all cash, all the risk upfront, but 11 months later sold and tripled investment. Since then, acquires at least one per year. He loves the ecommerce space. Why he has done well, he got lucky because he worked so hard. Second acquisition did not work out so well but proud of the experience and how he found peace. Chris Daigle, another EPIC member, challenged Christopher to do the next deal with no money out of pocket. Part of that is why you should share your failures and what you learn from them. Why it is important to have the support of loved ones. The lesson of slow and steady wins the race. Why he acquires a minimum of one business per year. Why Christopher is passionate about partnerships. And how he can help end partner 's suffering. Christopher talks about an ecommerce chicken coop business...a Billion Dollar Industry. Why he follows the profits - and people over profits. How his acquisition partners get paid in acquisition. What his acquisition partners feel working with him. Where his deal flow comes from. What his GAP program is.

Chris Daigle

E: 12 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Chris Daigle - Assisted 1000s but working on the Billion Dollar Idea. How he got the nickname Doctor. How he started in EPIC. Has since assisted over 2000 students. Has known Adam Lyons for 10+ years. Book recommendation: Straight-Line Leadership: Tools for Living with Velocity and Power in Turbulent Times. Working on Financial Newsletter roll-up. Why? Trillions in retail capital available. Looking for advice on where to put it. Worked for Agora Publishing, Brokered the Timothy Sykes Penny Stock acquisition for Agora. How he is doing is 36 month option arbitrage acquisitions. Target $50Million combined EBITDA. Having the end customer in mind: SPACs. Why its a good season for Chris. A little bit about bitcoin. What Chris Daigle is looking for.

DeAnna Rogers

E: 11 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - DeAnna Rogers, the EPIC Glue, from Affiliate Events to EPIC to 3 Property Airbnb Entrepreneur. Author of 3 books. Running 10,000 attendee events for DigitalMarketer. Now an Airbnb Entrepreneur. Sold out first Airbnb right after listing - for the rest of the year! Uses digital marketing skills to drive 3000 clicks to listing - far surpassing what mgmt company does - and they charge 20%. (Thinking about starting a property mgmt company - buy or build costs). Owns 3 Airbnb properties - near beach, working on 4th near hospital for family extended stay - idea originated when husband was in hospital. Also, proximity to knowledge and experience - going to all the tradeshows, masterminds. How to have the right mindset. Where acquisition ideas come from. Keeping your mind open and available to acquisitions.

Adam Lyons

E: 10 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Adam Lyons 20+ acquisitions and has worked on 100s. The story of the start of his deal making career...10ish years later, 20 plus acquisitions. Since then, he has worked on 100s of deals negotiating for buyer and sellers. And... coaches over 700 CEOs. Why he Shares all deals with Roland Frasier. How and why you want to "acquire the costs of the company". How & where he gets is leads for acquisitions. How he follows Richard Branson's ecosystem acquisition strategy. How he structures his business where he is an employee and working above the business. To date, his businesses are doing 40% growth month over month.

Sharon Brown

E: 9 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Sharon Brown. 9 Deals. 1st Acquisition SaaS Co. from Denmark

Sharon Brown has completed 9 deals. Her First acquisition was a SaaS company from Denmark. Buys 100% of company. Offers sellers 60 Day Deferred Down Payment. Then scrambles to pay for it with sponsors. First acquisition paid for by Motorola. Did she know people at Motorola? Nope. Why she does not use zoom videos calls when prospecting. Why Creating the prospect funnel is critical to achieving successful acquisition. How, and why, she creates a process and systems to work above the business - has built a back-office focused on automation.

Terry Williamson

E8: Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Terry Williamson Proximity to Power

Terry Williamson Proximity to Power. Roland Frasier's partner on Dog Ecom project. Hub & Spoke, Amazon FBA, FB group...everything for a dog roll up. What you need: Passion, Skillset, Demand. Current project has a social/giving aspect. Added 29 employees in last 60 days. How to control your Exit.

Jeramiah Townsend

E:7 Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Jeramiah Townsend, 5 companies, the push from his father-in-law.

Jeramiah Townsend, 5 companies, the Entrepreneurial push from his father-in-law. (Jeramiah is surrounded with the love of family) Sticky situation negotiating with 5 sellers, read that again, 5 family owners - and the sad ending. He has used the pipe-wrench strategy before EPIC. His self-deprecating humor makes for a great interview.

John Gorst

E:6 Top M&A Entrepreneurs, John Gorst, 7 companies, 165 point Due Diligence Checklist

John Gorst, 7 companies, 165 point Due Diligence Checklist. Lived through the gyrations of Cannabis 1.0 to Cannabis 2.0. Integration is hard. Acquisitions are hard. Not recommended for every company. Culture critically important. His plans? No acquisitions for immediate future until he finishes what is on his plate.

John Bly

E:5 Top M&A Entrepreneurs, John Bly, 23 Acquisitions 19 CPA and 4 in Fitness Companies

John Bly, 23 Acquisitions 19 CPA and 4 in Fitness Companies, (sold a few too) Author: Cracking the Code - An Entrepreneur's Guide to Growing Your Business Through Mergers and Acquisitions for Pennies on the Dollar. 700 people working for him. Consults with 10+ clients a year to help them acquire companies. How he charges clients. How he works "above the business" - spending less than an hour a month on each acquisition.

Dominic Wells 

E:4 Top M&A Entrepreneurs, Dominic Wells. 38 Content Ecom Acquisitions.

Dominic Wells, EPIC 2, 38 Content Ecom Acquisitions. Lives in Taiwan, originally from UK. Joined EPIC with idea to create course on buying businesses - dropped idea quickly. Doing so well that he raised fund to pay for Acquisitions Had one seller basically give him a business. 38 businesses later, plans to move HQ to the US, raise capital with Reg A+ and go public with direct listing on the OTC markets.

Mark McRae

E3: Top M&A Entrepreneurs Mark "I Buy Revenue" McRae

10 Acquisitions, 3 since EPIC, another EPIC OG. Started his first business at 7 years old. Made more money than his parents at the swap meet. His model: "Brute force and ignorance",  He buys "Revenue". A Warren Buffet fan. Buy boring business, 10 years old, never a losing year, healthy margins, management stays. Acquires for time freedom. Outsource and put systems in place.

Patch Baker

E2: Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Patch Baker Veteran & Entrepreneur, EPIC OG,  100 Acquisitions and counting!

Patch Baker: Veteran Entrepreneur. EPIC OG. Patch Owns 44 companies. He has made 100 Acquisitions (sold quite a few too) The "template" for how he does acquisitions (and why). Hint: Richard Branson at Virgin. And, How to work with Patch. Its all there.

Marty M. Fahncke

E1: Top M&A Entrepreneurs - Marty M. Fahncke EPIC 1 & "Chasing the Whale".

Over 8 Acquisitions since EPIC. Chasing the "whale" acquisition. Losing it to another bidder. What he learned. How he recovered and what he did to prepare for next acquisition - how he built $100 Million in Dry powder for the next Acquisition. Why Marty loves doing this.