We are an Investor Acquisition Advisor to public and going public Reg A+ Tier II issuers.   Our Mission is:

1. Identify Your Investors

2. Locate them

3. Attract them to your offer


No one is going to invest in you if they don't know... "Who You Are,  What You Do, How You Do It and Why You Do It".

We Tell Your Story

Sure,  Investors are going to want to know all the facts and figures about your business...but long term investors don't rely solely on facts and figures.   Long term Investors will invest in projects they are passionate about and that agree with their worldview.   They invest in people that make them feel smart, happier and more wealthy about their decision to invest.    

Your investors will want to know...

♦️ What you do, How you do it and Why you do it...
♦️ What do you stand for and stand against...
♦️ What is your company best at - what's your superpower...
♦️ What is vision for where your company is going...
♦️ How will you accomplish this...
♦️ What is your traction...

How We Share Your Story...

  The Catalysts to Boost Your Story...

▪️ Your Reg A+ funded by our institutional investors
▪️ Promoted to our 64k Connections
▪️ Content Rich Media Press Releases
▪️ Maximize & Leverage LinkedIn Profiles, Connections, Engagement
▪️ Create the Entrepreneurs Journey Video
▪️ Create Articles, Interviews Blog Posts & Syndicate Content
▪️ Manage LinkedIn/Facebook/Google Ads
▪️ Script, Direct and Launch the Perfect Investor Webinar
▪️ Institutional and Retail Investor Outreach
▪️ Drive Investors to your Dedicated Investor Portal
▪️ Profiled as Exclusive "Hand Picked Deal" on SmallCapEngine.com
▪️ Presenting your company at Virtual Roadshow on RegADemoDay.com
▪️ Setup Joint Ventures (other people's traffic/channels)
▪️ Emailed to our 2 Million double Opt-in Accredited Investor List
▪️ Interviewed on International program with 200 million reach

The Results...

Start:  .43 a share  End:  $5.23 a share
1116% increase

Investors:  Start - 500   End: Added over 8000 Investors   1500% Increase

Ave 30 Day Trading Volume from: 10,000 to 450,000    4400% Increase

 Camber Energy Raised: $20 million 

Case Study: Camber Energy (formly Lucas Energy)

Stories build Trust.  Stories Persuade.   Investors will be drawn to projects and a storyline they understand the fastest.  Stories that agree with their worldview.   Your story will pique curiosity and capture your audience’s attention. Your stories will be magnetic to some and repellent to others.  Your stories will make a connection with your investors.  Your stories will create a perceived value with investors. 

Your stories are a call to action.  Your stories create demand and a desire to invest now.   

Concentrate on creating a successful business...let us tell your story.


John Gorst CEO of IONIC Brands Inc.
Industry:  Cannabis
A Premium Portfolio Of Cannabis Concentrate Consumer Brands
Raise: $8m Pre IPO CSE 
Astley's of London Acquisition Value: $7.5m

Luis Cota CEO of  Tequila Comisario 
Industry:  Alcohol 
Tequila Comisario is a 100% pure ultra-premium tequila from the famous Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico
Raise: $15m dollars

Chris Fontes CEO HempExchange
Industry:  Agriculture/Software/Marketplace
Worlds Largest Hemp Marketplace
$757m in Gross Merchandise Listed

Industry:  Fintech/Payments
Share Price: Start .11 cents per share within 18 months: $5.00 high (Feb 22, 2021

Camber Energy (formerly Lucas Energy)
Industry:  Oil & Gas
Share Price:  Start .43 cents per share within 18 months: $5.23 high
Number of Investors Started at 500 / End 8000 New investors
Trading Volume from 10,000 to 450,000
Added over 7000 Retail Investors and 21 Institutional Investors
Raised: $20 million OTC

Apex Farms Corp
Industry:  Agriculture Tech
Raised: $213,629 via MicroVentures 
427% oversubscribed

Jon Stoddard Co-Founder VP S/M
Industry:  Software/Animation/Marketplaces
Raised: $5 Million Intel/Advantage/Kodak

Acquired by shutterstock

Acquisition for library of coding courses
Industry:  Software/Training
Raised: $2.5m (wealthy investor)

Jon Stoddard CEO Century Hearing Aids
Industry:  Medical/Ecommerce
Raised: $500k from supplier
Sold 2017 to Private Investor


Jon Stoddard

Jon is a partner at Investor Acquisition Partners.  By all accounts, I was as far away from launching a high tech startup and raising capital, as you could be.  You see, I grew up in a small town with one stoplight, I was the son to a father that never even graduated high school. 

That all changed when I joined a small software company in New Orleans, LA. In doing so, I was able to: 

★ Take an idea and turn it into a business that is still the #1 in its niche.
★ Create a compelling story that Customers and Investors loved!
★ Raise $5 Million in Capital from Intel & Advantage Capital.

Since then I have helped raise over $100 million.  It took me 20+ years to perfect the process on how to Raise Capital from investors.  Now, it's my mission is to share EVERYTHING I learned so you can optimize, grow and attract investors.

Micheal N. Brette J.D. 

Micheal is a partner at Investor Acquisition Advisors.  Mike has worked on over 10 IPOs, and 200 investor roadshows.  Mike consults and advises clients on a wide variety of transactional business matters from startup consulting & valuations, reverse mergers, REG A+ offerings, PIPE financing, Registered Direct offerings, Equity Crowdfunding, Rule 506(c) Private Placements, Mergers & Acquisitions, retail and institutional support for public companies.    

Michael is an experienced transactional consultant and advisor.  Mr. Brette is the host & producer Business Pulse radio talk show & podcast on OC Talk Radio and he co-produced a national financial television show, Let's Talk Stock. He has appeared on 300 radio and TV shows discussing various business and financial topics. Mr. Brette holds a Juris Doctor for 40 years. He is listed in Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in Industry & Finance. I have written 2 new songs Awake At Midnight and a Christmas song Santa Flies Tonight. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and other music sites.

Michael is Author of two books: 




Jon Stoddard

Mike Brette J.D. 


Learn How to Identify Your Dream Investor...

Learn How to Find Out Where Your Investors Are Hiding...

Learn How to Attract Investors to Your Offer...


What We Charge
Private Companies:
$25,000 monthly marketing fee per month for minimum 6 months.  

Optional: Dedicated FINRA compliant investor portal - $1500 Setup Fee.
Optional: $60 fee per investor subscription. 
LinkedIn/Google/Facebook Ad budget 

Public Companies:
A one-time payment of $50,000 cash and $300,000 in free trading stock


$25,000 monthly marketing fee per month for minimum 6 months.  

Dedicated FINRA compliant investor portal - $1500 Setup Fee.
$60 fee per investor subscription.
LinkedIn/Google/Facebook Ad budget 

What is the most critical part of a Reg A+ issue?
Marketing, marketing, marketing.   As mentioned earlier... know one is going to invest in your company if they don't know who you are.  

Our Proprietary Email List 
Our 2 Million Email List is our proprietary list.  It is an email list of double opt-in accredited investors that asked for a "lead magnet".   

We spent a great deal of money to create these leads.  We ran lead magnet offers on a number of media platforms, on a TV show called "Let's Talk Stock TV" and a Radio show called "The Wall Street News Hour".

We offered Reports, Newsletter and Whitepapers - about investment opportunities.  To Receive the "Lead Magnet" they clicked a box that said, "yes, I am an accredited investor".  

The email list is not segmented by specific sectors - that is the job of your offer.  

The email list is stored on a private server, with an agency that manages our distribution - we are not an email list company, you can't buy it, it is not part of a pick and choose menu.  

A Compelling, Relevant, Timely... Story 
We think the "Why" of your "Story" have changed and COVID is responsible for that.  "Timing" is the #1 Factor in a Capital Raise Success.   We need a message that resonates and will will get an investor to take our call and want to know more.  People are looking for solutions to current problems and the COVID Crisis is a big problem to solve.   Investors are looking for hero's, leaders, guiding lights, stories how you overcame adversity or Insurmountable Odds.  Example of where money is going today:  Pharma, Fintech, Supply Chain.

Do you take Success Fees and Why
Absolutely not.   Success Fees, unless you are a licensed/broker dealer, according to SEC FINRA are illegal.  If the investment goes south,  the entrepreneur may be civilly and criminally liable.  We do not work with clients who ask for a "success fee".   

4 Reasons Why We Don't Accept Success Fees:

1. It only takes one client to screw you over and you NEVER do it again.
2. We are marketing company that puts a lot of work upfront.
3. Success Fees, unless you are a licensed/broker dealer, are illegal according to SEC FINRA.
4. If you ask, it is a signal that you are NOT the right type of client that we can help. 

How Long Does it take to Raise Capital?
Many founders grossly underestimate the time, effort, and creative energy required to raise capital.  Successfully Raising Capital depends on a number of variables like;  Your offer, Your product/solution,  management and timing.   If those variables are firing on all cylinders... it still takes time and resources.   It's a matter of physics. The greater the mass (amount you are raising), the more energy required to get it moving.  If you have a new offer,  no one is going to send a check unless they know you, like you and trust you.  It is highly unlikely to see much progress at 30 days.  You should start to see activity at 60 days. And most activity after 90 days.  

Do you guarantee that you can raise money for us?
No.  There are no guarantees in life.   We will use our "best efforts".  

Do you offer referrals that we can talk to?

Can you help companies go public?
Yes.  Click here:  Go Public with Reg A+

Can you fund Public Companies?

CAPITAL RAISE DISCLAIMER:  The amount of capital raised stated above are our personal figures. Please understand our results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). Mike and I have the benefit of being part of a number of different entrepreneurial projects for over 20 years, and have an established network as a result. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT CONTACT US. 
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